Hey 🙂
Just wanted to say a massive Thank you to Robert, ma mum thinks thats what his name was lol, had such a AMAZIN night for ma brothers 21st on the 14th of august, the atmosphere was fantastic and the tunes were bangin 🙂 anything we asked for he played for us,have to say TTF and Ultrasonic and deffo Tiesto were the best lol I have told everyone how fantastic twilight is i will DEFFO be usin you’s again like 🙂 he kept everyone on the dance and he wasnt one of those dj’s that spoke all night all the way thro the songs he just spoke enough to get us all hyper lol
Have tried to add you’s to ma bebo but havent been accepted yet, ive got a pic of the dj class like lol
Anyway ive said enough a think lol but again thank you sooo much for a great night :):) deffo be seeing yous again 🙂 🙂 🙂
Take Care 🙂

Rachel, 18/08/09

Hi Robert,

I would just like to thank you for the excellent disco that you provided for our very special day, the music was great with a great selection, Everyone who came said they had a great time and enjoyed the disco very much. I would definately use this service again and will recommend you to anyone who is looking for a disco, I have attached a couple of pictures to show that the dance floor was always busy. Thanks once again for making our special night even better.
Best Regards

John, 14/08/09

Thankyou so much for a great night!
I will defiantely be recommending twilight discos to my friends for their 18ths, a few have even commented on the great music played already!
Very reasonable price, played the songs i asked for, exactly what i wanted!

Rachel, 15/03/09

Thank you twilight disco’s for making my 14th birthday party such a
great night. Everyone who came to my party said that it was a really good mixture of Songs and everyone had a great time.

We will be booking you again, in the very near future …

Thank you for making my 14th Birthday Party so GREAT !!!!!

Rebecca, 21/02/09

I would to thank twilight disco’s for making my 21st birthday party such a great night. The atmosphere was great and the good mixture of music really got the party going! It was very well organised as the dj met me before the party kicked off so i could choose what types of music i wanted played, he was also set up in good time for all my guests arriving. I then felt at ease all night as he entetained my guests til the early hours! many thanks again

Gillian x,

Hi Jennifer,
As you probably know, I was organising a ‘Race Night’ / Buffet,Disco to help raise funds to help finance the cost of stem cell treatment for my wife Lynn’s M.S. Lynn works with Penny as you know, and was good enough to suggest contacting Rab for the disco.What can I say, Rab turned up in plenty off time in order to set up his Disco.He was very patient as the Race Night was the main event so to speak and Rab was on after that. He played back ground music to keep the atmosphere ticking over in the lull between races. After the ‘Race Night’ was over and it was time for Rab to provide the entertainment, he had the party in full swing with a great selection of tracks.This was the 1st time Lynn or I had met Rab and he offered to do the disco for the cost of his petrol. Should we decide to have another disco, Rab will be the person that I will ask. Punctual, courteous, knew what to play to help create a great party atmosphere, and stayed sober the whole night. Totally professional.
Sorry I don’t have any photos Jennifer.I was so busy with everything else I never really got a chance to take any.

Donnie & Lynn, 30/05/06