I started DJing at high school for school discos 20 years ago.
I first started off in the 90s dance scene moving on to happy hardcore.
I took a back seat from DJing for a few years then came back into it with staring back doing parties, weddings and clubs.
I have played in clubs such as City nightclub Edinburgh, Harlem Dunfermline, the Martell, Falkirk and many more.
Up till recently I was the resident DJ at Life night club Dunfermline.
I have also been part of two duos and also part of a duo we created, produced and released our own track and had it signed by a record label.
My passion is music and enjoy entertaining people with music I play, I have a vast collection from the 50s through to the present, there is no music that I don’t play and I cater for the event/disco that I have been hired for .
When I am most happy is when I see a full dance floor of people enjoying themselves so if it’s a club, a pub, or a function hall I am always loaded with the music you want to hear.